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About Red Lady

Red Lady began with a pair of red boots and a lady. (That's me there in the pic, my name is Liz if you're wondering.)

SA is of course South Australia - keeping it local, but SA also stands for Sustainably Awesome.

How can you be Sustainably Awesome? It's about the small steps: take reusable produce bags for your fruit and veg, bring a plate from home instead of using that plastic takeaway container, shop in bulk and return your container for a refill.

Swap all your single use plastic for reusables and try to buy local, organic, unprocessed and fairly traded items.

I have a dream - that my grandchildren will know of a plastic bag as an ancient relic and find their minds boggled that for a while, humanity wasted so much, disposed of so much and took so much for granted.

Let's be more Sustainably Awesome together!